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Academic Websites
Alabama Virtual Library
Alabama Virtual Library
Connects you to the Alabama Virtual Library. All students and staff should have passwords which enable AVL usage at home or on any computer.
Family And Consumer Science
Fine Arts
From the Getty Museum
Eyes on Art
Appropriate for beginning primary level as well as advanced art students
Joseph Wu's Origami Page
Learn Japanese paper folding and browse through origami figures
Metropolitan Museum of Art
The online guide to Music education
Foreign Language
Online Dictionaries and Translators
list of links to translating dictionaries for over 40 languages
General Reference
Alabama State Department of Education
State Department of Education Homepage
Area Code Search
At this site, you may plug in an area code and find out in which city it is located or enter a city name to find out the area code.
Encarta Schoolhouse
General information and reference site
Information Please Almanac and Encyclopedia
offering millions of useful and interesting facts on a wide range of topics. Also includes a dictionary and encyclopedia.
Internet Public Library
Great site for lots of information on every subject.
Marco Polo
This guide is designed for busy teachers who want to utilize Internet resources as part of their students' overall educational experience. The MarcoPolo web sites ovver standards'based lesson plans, links to opt web sites, search engines, and rich supplemental resources.
Public Records
This site brings public records to the general public.
The Ask ERIC Library
National information system supported by the U.S. Department of Education
The Why Files
One of the largest ssubject indexes available on the Web
Fast Food and Nutrition
At this site, you will find nutritional information about more than 1,000 fast-food items.
A & E Classroom
Helps teachers plan discussions and research projects based on A&E's programs.
Alabama History On-Line
Features lists of current and past state officials, county histories, state emblems, symbols and more
Being Informed
This site contains an analysis of current events and world happenings.
Encyclopedia Mythica
Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Links to information on ancient times in Egypt, China, Gree, Rome, India, early Islam and medieval Europe
HM 64th Regiment of Foot
Life of the British soldier during the Revolutionary War
Inaugural Speeches
From George Washington to Bill Clinton, you will find all of their inaugural speeches here.
Library of Congress
Searchable website
National Park Service Home Page
Has an extensive listing of Revolutionary War sites
Odyssey in Egypt
Interactive archaeological dig in the Egyptian desert
Smithsonian Institute
Social Studies Bookmarks
Take Me To Your Leader
Who runs the countries of the world? Find out here. You can also obtain mailing addresses and Web sites.
Washington's Mount Vernon Home Page
Homework Help Site
A homework information guide that features the very best K-12 homework-related sites.
Internet, Technology, and Business
Internet Tourbus
Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of the Web, master the search engines, debunk urban legends, and more.
Technology Reviews and Helps
A comprenhensive list of technology help-sites and resources.
Aha! Poetry
American Writers
Examine the lives and works of the 20th century American authors who have influenced our nation's history
Anne Frank On-line
Essay Finder
If you are not accessing this site from school, you may have to go to the AVL main page and insert your password
Gutenburg Project
If a book is in the public domanin, it is probably located, in its entirety, at the Gutenburg Project.
Planet English
Index of resources for teachers and students
Poem Finder
If you are not accessing this site from school, you may have to go to the AVL main page and insert your password
Scribner's Writers Series
Scribner's assists students with detailed information on a variety of American and British writers.If you are not accessing this site from school, you may have to go to the AVL main page and insert your password;$sessionid$XMU45FQAAAGE5JOBNJRQAAA?locID=avl_bald
Short Story Finder
If you are not accessing this site from school, you may have to go to the AVL main page and insert your password
Twayne's Writers Series
Twayne's offers in depth information on a wide array of authors and their works.If you are not accessing this site from school, you may have to go to the AVL main page and insert your password;$sessionid$XMU45FQAAAGE5JOBNJRQAAA?u=TUSA&u=TEA&u=TWA&t=KW&s=1&o=DocTitle&n=10&l=1&locID=avl_bald
Ask Dr. Math
Swarthmore College students answer your K-12 math questions
Geometry Center
Interactive web sity designed to help with K-12 math education
Math Helps
Comprehensive list of math-related links for teachers and students compiled by the Exploratorium, San Francisco's museum of science, art and human perception.
Online Dictionaries
Cambridge International Dictionaries
search separate dictionaries of English, phrasal verbs, or idioms.
Dictionaries on the Web
List of links to various online dictionaries ... Cambidge Dictionaries Online. DICT Free Online Dictionary. ARTFL Project: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1913 ... The Newbury House Online Dictionary. Wordsmyth The Educational ...
features a variety of tools including thesauri, translator, and writing resources.
Merriam Webster Dictionary
Webster's Dictionary online. Also contains a "word of the day" section
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Tihs site has over 500 dictionaries on many topics including technology, business, and more.
Online Medical Dictionary
OMD is a searchable dictionary of terms relating to biochemistry, biology, chemistry, medicine, molecular biology, physics, plant biology, radiobiology, and zoology.
Rhyme Zone
rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, spelling checker, and word finding tool.
Travlang's Translating Dictionaries
multilingual online dictionaries including German, French, Spanish, English, Dutch, Danish, Afrikaans, Esperanto, Frisian, and more.
provides online dictionaries in 150 different languages, grammar for 70 languages, and pages of linguistic fun.
Online Encyclopedias
Britannica Online
If you are not accessing this site from school, you may have to go to the AVL main page and insert your password
Encyclopedias: Encyclopedia Britannica, Encarta, Columbia Encyclopedia & more at
Find the best online encyclopedias at ... Encyclopedias. Kids | Science & Nature | Humanities ... Encyclopedias. - Nearly boundless research tool. Columbia Encyclopedia - Full text at Encarta Online
Grolier Online -
YAHOO Online Encyclopedias
... features the entire 1911 edition online with 29 volumes and articles written by more ... illustrated topics and themes. Spartacus Encyclopedias - including British history 1700-1950, and ...
Online News and Newspapers
Being Informed
Contains an analysis of current events and world happenings
CNN Homepage
Internet Public Library-Newspapers
Books. Magazines. Newspapers. KidSpace. TeenSpace. Special Collections. Searching Tools ... All of the IPL. Advanced. Online newspapers from around the world. ...
New York Times
News Central
Find Local and International Newspapers and other Publications with ease with Clickable Maps, Text Listings or Media Specific Search Engines. ... Our user definable Specific Search makes finding US newspapers online fast and convenient ... Clickable Maps for US Newspapers Online. or text listings make it easy
Online Newspapers
links to online editions of newspapers from around the world.
USA Today
Washington Post
Bill Nye the Science Guy
NASA's SpaceLink
Volcano World
All the information you need about volcanoes
Compare forecasts with actual reports and link to other weather information sources
Travel And Tourism
Best Places
A great site to help you choose the best places in the world to live, work, play or retire.
Works Cited pages
Citation Machine
A wonderful interactive Web tool disigned to assist teachers and students in producing reference citations in both MLA or APA style.
Online MLA Handbook